Happy Halloween 2008!

It was a glorious Halloween Night here in Bolingbrook!  I flung open the laboratory door expecting to find a few trick or treaters only to discover hundreds of enraged "townsfolk" carrying pitchforks and flaming torches!  I think they were from Naperville.  Things got a bit dicey for a few seconds but I quickly donned my trusty "Nitro-Goggles" and was able to gaze into their eyes and subdue them with mind-control techniques.  I convinced them all that it was actually October 14th, 2003 and they were Steve Bartman just after the "foul ball incident" in game 6 of the National League Championship.  They scurried home like a bunch of frightened school girls. 
I win again! 
Your Pal,
Professor Nitro 
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