Hello world!

HEY YOU… YES… YOU!   Stand still laddy…  Ok, that’s Pink Floyd lyrics.  Disregard that.  You, my fine friend, have located Professor Nitro’s new EVIL BLOG (under construction).  Don’t getcher undies in a bunch!  I’ll be back soon!

Your pal,

Professor Nitro

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Check Out My New Song and Video – Diggit! P.N.

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The Professor Is IN…

The Professor is IN...

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Email the Nitro

Love his hairdo?  Got a plan to take over the world and you need the assistance of a brilliant and potentially dangerous mad scientist?  Tell him all about it!  Send the Professor an email at:
All righty then!
The Floating Head (shown during the Nitro into)!
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~ Horror Host Graveyard ~

Hello my good friends, Professor Nitro checkin’ in. 
I’ve taken a break from hacking things up, er, I mean… experimenting in the Lab… to inform you of a delightfully evil web site devoted entirely to "horror hosts".
The Professor was recently contacted by "Corpse S. Chris" who runs the "Horror Host Graveyard" web site and Mr. Corpse himself requested info about our show to, perhaps, post on his web site. 
Click this link to see all the carnage gathered by Corpse S. Chris at: www.horrorhostgraveyard.com   
Now, back to the Lab!  Where’s that hack saw…
Your twisted pal,
Professor Nitro
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Happy Halloween 2008!

It was a glorious Halloween Night here in Bolingbrook!  I flung open the laboratory door expecting to find a few trick or treaters only to discover hundreds of enraged "townsfolk" carrying pitchforks and flaming torches!  I think they were from Naperville.  Things got a bit dicey for a few seconds but I quickly donned my trusty "Nitro-Goggles" and was able to gaze into their eyes and subdue them with mind-control techniques.  I convinced them all that it was actually October 14th, 2003 and they were Steve Bartman just after the "foul ball incident" in game 6 of the National League Championship.  They scurried home like a bunch of frightened school girls. 
I win again! 
Your Pal,
Professor Nitro 
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 Halloween approaches!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegads!
 I must tidy-up the Lab in preparation of my Halloween visitors!
 Ohhhh… where to hide the extra limbs!
 Happy Halloween my friends!
 Professor Nitro
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Hello From Professor Nitro!

Hello Good People!
I am Professor Nitro and I welcome you to my website!
I will supply you with details in the near future.  But for now, know that soon… you will assist me as I have my REVENGE and RECLAIM MY RIGHTFUL PLACE ATOP THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
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